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Clients & Testimonials


“It was a pleasure to have Dr. Christine Grant present ‘Excellence is your Destiny’ to our incoming and continuing graduate student participants of PROMISE: Maryland’s AGEP during our PROMISE Summer Success Institute in Columbia, MD.  Her presentation was dynamic and well-received. However, the real impact and ‘value-add’ came when she continued to interact with the students throughout the weekend.  Students responded overwhelmingly to her invitation to have more in-depth conversations after her presentation. Dr. Grant spent many hours with students over meals and between seminars discussing details of academic interviews, publishing, the tenure process, and balancing her personal life as a wife and mother with the life of a successful academic. PROMISE is grateful that she shared so much of her time, her wisdom, and herself with our students.”
Renetta G. Tull, Ph.D.
Program Director, University of Maryland - Baltimore Count
“…your impact on women attending the two Women of Color in STEM conferences which we held since you were a speaker and you did networking with the participants. We mainly focused on your work as a coach with the women especially those of our faculty who had you as one-on-one coach. These women have gone on to do great things!”
De Bush
Assistant Director and Program Manager, Center for Faculty Success (NSF ADVANCE Program), Purdue University
I am completely inspired by you and so excited for you as you continue to pursue this professional development passion. I have been aware of you and your work since 2005 when Eve told me about you. I’ve been watching you ever since, hoping one day I’d get the chance to work with you. I’m thrilled that this may now become a reality and can’t wait to do more great work with you and Julie if our grant proposal comes through. I also have a passion for helping faculty in STEM,  particularly women and underrepresented minorities, be successful and providing professional development to them to support their success. I hope someday I can grow up to be like you!”
Joyce, Engineering Professor, Seminar Attendee
University of Washington, University of Washington
“You are an amazing inspiration to me as an academic, leader and entrepreneur.”
Dr. Cynthia Winston, Professor of Psychology
Howard University, Howard University